Alison H. McCoy
Tooele County Auditor

47 South Main, Room #204
Tooele, UT  84074

Telephone: (435) 843-3311

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Closed on holidays.

Budget and Audit Reports

The link below will take you to the Office of the Utah State Auditor where you can view Tooele County's audit reports and budget.

Link:  Audit Reports and Budget

FY 2019 Budget

FY 2018 Budget

FY 2017


Adopted Budgets


Certification of Budget


Financial Statements and Annual Independent Audit Reports


Property Tax Rate

    Link:  Utah State Tax Commission Property Taxes Division: Property Tax Rates


Sales & Use Tax Rates:

     Link:  Utah State Tax Commission - Utah Sales & Use Rates


Tooele County | 47 South Main Street | Tooele, UT 84074 | Telephone: (435) 843-3100