Tooele County

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Tooele, UT  84074


Main Ph: (435) 843-3100



Accident Review/Workers Compensation



Review and monitor all accidents, damage, loss and claims regarding Tooele County property and also those accidents caused by or involving on-duty county employees.  Make recommendations to the county commission for safety initiatives for the protection of county employees and equipment and for the protection of the general public.


Membership and Terms

As appointed by Resolution of the county commission.




Board Members


Tooele County Attorney
Term Expires: None
Tooele County Commissioners
Term Expires: None
Tooele County Sheriff
Term Expires: None
Tooele County Road Department
Term Expires: None
Human Resources Director
Term Expires: None
Deseret Peak Complex
Term Expires: None
Deputy Clerk/Auditor
Term Expires: None
Deputy County Clerk
Term Expires: None


Email:   Accident Review / Workers  Compensation Board





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