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Historic Preservation Commission



What is the mission of the Board?

To identify, preserve, protect and enhance historic and prehistoric areas and sites. To survey and inventory community historic resources; review proposed nominations to the National Register of Historic Places; provide advice and information; and enforce State Historic Preservation laws.


Are Board Members paid?

Board members are not paid.


Five members with a demonstrated interest, compliance or knowledge in historical preservation, two of whom shall have expertise in the disciplines of history and architecture or architectural history.  Appointed by the county commission.  Shall be residents of Tooele County.


Serve until replaced or removed by the county commission.

Meeting Schedule and Location

No schedule at this time.


Jean Mogus
Appointed:  06/07/2016

J. Robert Shields
Appointed:  06/07/2016

Clint Thomsen
Appointed:  06/07/2016

Stephanie Fuglaar Statz
Appointed: 09/20/2016

Brendon Scott Phillips
Appointed: 11/15/2016

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